MamaMi Mary Kay

I have been a Mary Kay consultant for a little over two years now.  It is fair to say that I have not been as active in this business as I could be.  However, I have used Mary Kay products for over 20 years and love them.

I am posting the link to my website here now, and will use this page to post my specials.  If you have any questions about our products or would like more information about becoming a consultant please leave a comment on this page or e-mail me.

My Mary Kay Website:

February Specials

Love Those Lips.  Valentines day is fast approaching, so let’s make sure we all have kissable lips!

  • Satin Lips Set (.3 oz lip mask and .3 oz lip balm):  Sale Price $15
  • Mary Kay Creme Lipstick:  Sale Price $10
  • Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss:  Sale Price $10
  • Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm:  Sale Price $10

TimeWise Products.  Stick to that New Year’s resolution to take better care of yourself with some of our Most Loved Products.  (These products are so popular that I am going to keep this sale going through February!)

  • TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser:  Sale Price $15
  • TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer:  Sale Price $18
  • TimeWise Miracle Set (Cleanser, Moisturizer, Day Solution, and Night Solution):  Sale Price $75

Be sure to check out my website for all your favorite products and check back here often for specials!


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