Posted by: waterwalkerla | April 1, 2010

Making Over Our Money – March Round-Up

Another month has flown by – it’s hard to believe but we have already sailed through one quarter of 2010.  Wow.

As I mentioned in my February Round-Up, our income took a bit of a hit this past month.  This was reflected in the short-term goals we set for March.  Let’s see how we did:

Short term goals for March:

  • Cut a few more discretionary spending areas.  We reduced our phone bill even further and cut our satellite service.
  • “Trim the fat” from our grocery and gas bill.  We gave up some of the extras we were purchasing, started using coupons more, and really kept an eye on sales.
  • Find extra sources of income – including selling some of the things we no longer need or want.  No extra sources of income as of yet, but we are still looking.
  • Stay current on our utilities and debt payments, even if it means not paying any extra.  Done!
  • Keep our emergency fund fully funded.  Alternatively, if we have to dip into these funds, return the balance to $1000 before moving back into debt pay-off mode.  We cut into our emergency fund quite a bit and I really thought we were going to be back to square one on this one.  However, God is a faithful and wonderful God and he provided for and helped restore most of the balance of our emergency fund.
  • Create a budget spreadsheet for April.  Done.

If you have been following along, this month has been rather exciting around our house.  My husband had arthroscopic knee surgery at the beginning of the month.  This was covered by insurance yet it caused my husband to miss several opportunities for work as he recovered.  We also had to purchase a new tire and have some minor work done on our car.  Our computer died a sudden, unexpected death soon after this and needed to be quickly replaced.  Just this past week, my husband flew to Louisiana for a job interview.

All along, we kept reminding ourselves that this is why we needed that emergency fund.  I will admit, however, that I was feeling a little down about using the funds – that meant we would need to replenish the fund before we returned to paying off our debt.  However, as I said above, the Lord blessed us beyond our expectations this month and as we head into April we have a mostly funded emergency fund!

So, where do we go from here?  I will admit that we are in limbo right now.  We still have less income than we did before.  We are also waiting patiently to hear the job for which my husband interviewed.  If he gets the job, we will be selling our house and moving south.  Fortunately, we should hear something in the very near future.  And, while my husband felt that his interview went well, we don’t want to put a “For Sale” sign in the yard until he actually gets an offer!  Even with this uncertainty, we still need to set some short-term goals for April.  Here goes:

  • Continue to watch our grocery, gas, and discretionary spending.
  • Continue to look for alternative income opportunities.
  • Stay current on our bills.
  • Maintain our emergency fund.
  • Create a May budget.

Let’s see how we do!


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