Posted by: waterwalkerla | March 27, 2010

Another Busy Week

The house is relatively quiet now so I decided I had better spend some time with my recently neglected blog.  I didn’t intentionally neglect it, but things have been really busy around our household lately.

Our daughters’ birthdays are within two weeks of each other so we always have a combined family party for them.  Due to everyone’s schedules the best time to have the party this year was on this past Thursday.  We had a steady influx of family members throughout the week – my parents arrived Tuesday afternoon, my sister-in-law and her sons arrived Wednesday night, and my father-in-law arrived Thursday morning.  After spending most of the day Thursday celebrating, my parents left Friday morning and my sister-in-law, nephews, and father-in-law just left this morning.  Due to all the festivities, the kids only had school Monday and Tuesday – we declared this their spring break week.

Friday was also the day that my husband left for his interview in Shreveport.  We woke up at 3:30 and were on the road by 4 so I could get him to the airport on time for his early morning flight.  This is the first time in our 15 years together that he has gone away without me.  I miss him terribly but am excited for him at the same time because I know how much he would like this job.  Of course, we love our friends and church family here in Michigan but this would be a wonderful opportunity.  Ultimately we will end up where God wants us to be, and we can take comfort in that when the anxiety starts to increase.

Can you tell that I am anxious right now?  Does my rambling give it away?  Right now as I type, my husband is interviewing.

Let’s see…it seems like I had so much to say when I sat down and now my thoughts have all evaporated!  As I mentioned, the kids only had two days of school this week which was very nice for them because they are really coming down with spring fever.  The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny (for SW Michigan, anyway!) making it very difficult to get the kids to focus on school.  Fortunately they only have about another month left and then Summer Vacation can begin!  Of course, their father is very fond of reminding them that if he hears any fighting or moans of “I’m bored” he will get out the school books for next year and start the year early.  Not sure if they really believe him or not but (as the teacher) I certainly hope they don’t test him on it.  Even as an adult I love Summer Vacation!

Well, I am off to complete a few more blog entries (the March edition of Making Over Our Money, Unit 3 of our Budgeting Class, and others).  Then of course, there is the housework that needs my attention as you can definitely tell that we had a house full of guests recently!  Maybe I will even attempt to catch a nap this afternoon – but I’m not holding my breath on that one!



  1. I hope you did get a chance to catch that nap! It sounds like you’ve been very busy!

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