Posted by: waterwalkerla | March 22, 2010

Home Economics 102 -Unit 2

Wow…this month has really flown – could it really be almost April?  I realized in all the hustle of this month that I am behind in getting my Budgeting Units updated.  Earlier this month, I posted our assignments for Unit 1.  My goal is to post our assignments for Units 3-5 throughout the month of April.

So, let’s jump right in and check out Unit 2

Unit 2 – Budgeting For a Week of Meals and Other Household Expenses…OR…Uh-Oh, Do I Have Enough Left Over To Buy Toilet Paper


  • Create a list of between 10-15 household items that we commonly buy.  Household items includes things like toilet paper and cleaning products.  (Recall that I mentioned this list with the grocery list in Unit 1.  This step could have been done separately but it was easier for our family to do both of these at the same time as Unit 1.)
  • Take a field trip one or more grocery stores in your area with the children.  The children will record regular prices and size information for the items on their grocery and household item lists.  We listed the price information of multiple sizes of certain items like toilet paper and laundry detergent.   (I very rarely shop at more than one store, so we went to only one store.  If you typically shop at two or more stores to comparison shop, incorporate that into the field trip.)
  • Incorporate the prices and sizes into master price lists for household items.
  • Review the Unit Pricing lesson from Unit 1.
  • Next we talked about the frequency with which certain household items need to be purchased.  This lesson was based on a family of 5 – which we are – but could be altered for any size household.  This introduction was intended to get the children started thinking about budgeting for household items for the month – which will be covered more in Unit 3.  As part of this lesson we talked about the fact that we typically need to purchase laundry detergent and toilet paper once every 2 weeks, dishwasher tablets once a month, and window cleaner once every few months.
  • The children were then asked to review the menus they created for their grocery budget lesson in Unit 1.  Recall this menu had to include breakfast, lunch and two snacks for all three children for a five day week.  The children then had to create a second Monday through Friday menu including breakfast, lunch and two snack for three children.  They were allowed to keep a few meals or snacks the same, but had to add in some variety – after all, no one likes eating the exact same thing every week.
  • Next the children were given a specified amount of money for their weekly household budget.  They still had to purchase all food items for their menu using the lessons they learned in Unit 1.  However, they also had to stretch that weekly budget to include certain other household items.  For our lesson, I required the children to also purchase toilet paper, laundry detergent, and two other household products.  The two other products were randomly selected by the children from slips of paper folded and placed in a jar.  Included in these options were things like dish detergent, dishwasher tablets, toothpaste, razors, and so on.
  • The above step was repeated 3 times.  Each week the children had to vary the meals/snacks (but they could reuse things over the 4 week period) and the two “other” household products were randomly re-drawn.
  • Finally, we had another Unit wrap-up to discuss the importance of budgeting for normal household expenses.  Not only did this serve as a chance to get them thinking about the types of items that we buy each month to keep the house running but it also allowed me to get in a few reminders about being good stewards and not wasting things like toothpaste and paper towels.

There you go.  Once again, please feel free to take this lesson plan and use it in your own home.  Feel free to change it to better suit your family and your homeschooling style.  If you have any questions, ideas, or think I may have left something out, please let me know!



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  2. […] to move I intend to return to my faithful blog postings.  I still have homeschool updates to post, Home Economics lessons to share, and other musings from family as we prepare to make this major change in our […]

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