Posted by: waterwalkerla | March 5, 2010

The End Of Another Week

Lately the weeks seem to be flying.  When I woke up this morning it was Monday and yet I am just finishing up Friday’s lunch.  Impossible…but the calendar on the wall confirms it.

We had a really great week of school.  Linden is getting more consistent about doing her school work.  She can count to eleven and recognize just about all of her letters.  She is also getting better at writing her letters.

One of Linden’s “E” worksheets

Linden working on

Linden showing off the solar system floor puzzle she finished

Timothy was learning about our solar system in science and started a construction paper model showing the planets, asteroids, and moons.  He learned about island countries, fables, and finally mastered addition and subtraction of fractions.

Timothy learning about the planets

Timothy studying spelling words

Rebecca continued reading “The Hiding Place” in language and continued learning about the human body in science.  She learned to solve equations for a variable in algebra and continued her study of political science in history.

Rebecca solving her algebra homework

Can you tell how much she loves having her picture taken during school?

The kids also continued working on budgeting for Home Economics and they continued bible reading and writing for the camp scholarship program.  The also spent time working on a song they are singing for Youth Evening Service at church later this month.



  1. Oh my goodness! You all have been very busy! No wonder the time is flying!

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