Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 27, 2010

Bragging On My Daughter

Please indulge me this little session of bragging on my oldest daughter, Rebecca…

Western Michigan University, together with Northwestern University, conducts a program for middle and high school students who qualify to take courses in either math or language arts.  To qualify, a student must be nominated, take either the SAT or ACT college entrance exam, and then score a minimum amount in one of the tested areas on the chosen exam.

Rebecca took the SAT last year and did very well for an 11-year-old sixth grader.  She did not qualify for the program, but we were all very impressed with her scores.

Rebecca took the SAT test once again this year, in January.  In addition to trying to qualify for the program once again, we wanted her to take so we had another piece of documentation that she is progressing educationally.  I suppose that is just a bit of homeschool paranoia on our part.

We just received her scores this week, and I am happy to say that she improved in two of the three tested areas.  Her Critical Reading score improved from a 470 to a 510.  Her Math score improved from a 400 to a 500 and her Writing score stayed the same at 480.

It will be another month before we hear if she qualified for the program, but we are very proud of how she did.  I’m sure the fact that she had already taken the test once helped in part, but I would like to think that she has also learned a lot over the last year too!  On a more sobering note, her scores placed her near the middle of the pack for all students taking the test nationwide – including college-bound juniors and seniors.

Rebecca at work

Rebecca at play


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