Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 26, 2010

Kids’ Week Books, Friday, February 26


February 26, 2010

Outside my window…its snowing and blowing.

Inside the house…it is fairly clean, TJ is downstairs and Linden is napping.

I am wearing…my white cami under an orange shirt with blue jeans.

I am thankful that…my grandparents could come up for a while and that friends are coming over tomorrow.

I am hearing…typing, sniffling, music from toys, and my pencil writing.

I am thinking…about how cute and funny friends’ kids are and how funny Linden looks after a nap.

I am going…downstairs to do my Bible reading and to church on Sunday.

I am reading…Joshua, Romans, Brother Andrew, and The Hiding Place.

I am hoping…that school goes well and my sinus problems will go away.

I am remembering…how much fun we had while Grandma and Pappaw were up here.

From school this week…I only did two days worth; Climate in Science, number sentences in Algebra and Civilizations in History.

One of my favorite things…to do is crochet.  I love how it feels while I make it and what it looks like when it’s done.

A few plans for next week…school, cleaning, more school, more cleaning, piano lessons, church, and crafts.


February 26, 2010

Outside my window…it’s snowing.

Inside the house…It’s pretty clean.

I am wearing…a t-shirt and pants.

I am thankful that…we have friends.

I am hearing…the toilet flush.

I am thinking…about tomorrow.

I am going…to play soccer.

I am reading…Ecclesiastes.

I am hoping…it will snow more.

I am remembering…Super Bowl 1.

From school this week…I learned stuff.

One of my favorite things…Is snow.

A few plans for next week…are school and snow.


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