Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 21, 2010

Girl Party

Yesterday my son’s Junior Church group had an impromptu sledding party.  Since my husband had some errands to run, that left just my daughters and me at the house for most of the afternoon.  My youngest decided that it was the perfect time for a girl party.

What is a girl party, you may ask.  Well in our house a girl party means games, snacks, and (of course) beauty shop.  Since I didn’t think you wanted to see pictures of us playing board games and stuffing our faces we will just skip right to the beauty shop photos!

So, what do you get for a full day’s beauty during a girl party?  You get head to toe pampering.  Or in our case, toe to head pampering.  First stop…the kids’ bathroom for washing feet and applying lotion.

Next, we head down to the rec room for nail painting and hair…

I’m sure this afternoon Girl Party was every bit as relaxing as a day at the spa!


  1. What a special way to spend time with your daughters! And how rejuvenating!

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