Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 20, 2010

Kids’ Day Books, Saturday, February 20

As I mentioned last week, I am having the big kids fill out day books (or should it be week books) at the end of each school week).  I’m pretty darn impressed with us making it two weeks in a row.  Can we pull off three weeks?  Tune in next Saturday to see!


February 20, 2010

Outside my window…the lawn is snowy & filled with footprints, the road and driveway are clean.  The tree is bare & the bush has only berries.

Inside the house…Mom is on the computer, Dad is reclining & watching, Linden is trying to figure out how to write a grocery list, and TJ & I are doing these sheets.

I am wearing…a softball jersey and the penguin pajama pants Mom made.

I am thankful that…I get to go with Sarah Taplin to the prom expo tonight.

I am hearing…Mom and TJ talking, Linden talking & writing, the washer, and my pencil writing.

I am thinking…about how much fun I will have tonight, about learning to purl.

I am going…to the prom expo tonight and to have a “girls party” with Linden.

I am reading…Deuteronomy, Acts, Proverbs, The Hiding Place and this sheet.

I am hoping…that my throat will stop hurting and my nose will stop being plugged up.

I am remembering…how fun my games from Christmas are.

From school this week…I started a new math book.

One of my favorite things…my fuzzy blanket from Grandma.

A few plans for next week…school, church, library, maybe roller skating.


February 20, 2010

Outside my window…I see snow.

Inside the house…It’s warm.

I am wearing…a t-shirt.

I am thankful that…we have snow.

I am hearing…talking.

I am thinking…about sledding.

I am going…to go sledding.

I am reading…Deuteronomy, Proverbs, and Acts.

I am hoping…that I can go sledding.

I am remembering…Great Grandpa.

From school this week…I learned lots.

One of my favorite things…Is legos.

A few plans for next week…are school, jobs, and snow.



  1. This is a lovely idea. a good way to encourage them to think about what has happened to them and the things they have experienced.

  2. What a great idea! I think I’ll have my kids do something similar.

  3. Thanks ladies! I am not so good at doing my own journal, but I wanted something to keep so we could look back over our year. The plan is to keep the original hard copy sheets that the kids wrote and put them in portfolios that we can store.

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