Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 9, 2010

Super Surprise

OK…I promise not all my posts this week are going to be about the Super Bowl and all their titles won’t start with “Super”, just indulge me for a little while longer!

Have you ever faced a situation that you thought was going to be a hassle only to find that it was a huge blessing?  Our family had just such an experience this past Sunday.  My husband is a Deacon at our church and he is responsible for “counting and locking up” two months during the year.  This just means that during his months he stays after church on Sunday evening with our church treasurer and financial secretary to count the offering and then locks up Sunday and Wednesday evenings after the services.  This year February is one of his months.  As I posted before, our family was very excited for the Super Bowl so we were all a little bummed at the thought of not getting home until around 8:00 and missing the first half of the game.

About an hour before church, we realized something – we have a DVR, why not just record the game and then we could start it over from the beginning when we got home.  This turned out to be a huge blessing for us.  We were able to come home, assemble our snacks, change into comfortable clothes and then rewind the game and watch from the beginning.  Even better – we didn’t have to sit through the commercials or half-time show, since we could fast forward through them.  We had a wonderful evening together as a family laughing, talking, and just being together. 

I know that time together in front of the television isn’t always viewed as “quality time” (whatever that is).  I also know that the extra $3 we pay a month for the dvr, on top of the money we pay for direct tv could be saved or spent differently.  We have gone without television in the past and have even talked about turning it back off again recently.  However, the fun we had together definitely made it worth it!



  1. We, too have a DVR that we use all the time. Not watching commercials really reduces the amount of time we spend watching TV! We especially enjoy saving shows from the History Channel.

    • I love the History Channel. We haven’t watched much TV lately, but I love to watch biographies and history documentaries.

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