Posted by: waterwalkerla | February 3, 2010


I believe I mentioned in a prior post that I am currently maintaining two blogs.  I wanted to try out two different blog hosts (both wordpress and blogger) so I decided to run basically the same blog on both sites.  My original thought was that after a trial period, I would close one of these blogs and just continue on with the other.  Recently I have been doing some rethinking of that plan.  I think I am going to keep both blogs but stop making them virtual carbon copies of each other.

I am going to continue to use one of my blogs as a primarily homeschooling and family blog.  That blog will still have updates on our family goals and our homeschool adventures.  The second blog will be primarily for my devotional posts.  I have several devotionals that I am working on, including a series that I hope to turn into a devotional book, and I think I would like a site devoted primarily to my devotional and Christian writings.  Of course, there will be some carry over from time to time – neither site will be completely devoid of the content of the other.

My primary motivation for this change is to simplify things for my readers.  I know I have some readers who come here for the homeschooling posts, but don’t really care to read my devotional material.  Likewise, I know there are some readers who want to read my devotional musings but really aren’t interested in our homeschool updates.  As I said, neither site will be completely lacking in themes or material from the other site, but I think this is the best course of action. 

I will, of course, let you know when this change is taking place.  I will also continue to have a link to my sister site for all those who would like to follow both blogs.  As always, thanks for reading!



  1. I’m looking forward to reading more about all of the wonderful things you’re doing in your homeschooling!

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