Posted by: waterwalkerla | January 30, 2010

Stuff I Love, Week 2

Let’s see, last week I talked about my hopelessly dry skin.  This week I think I will switch gears a little!

Between grading, writing cards, working Sudoku puzzles (guilty pleasure), making lists, and countless other activities, I do a lot of writing.  I have tried countless different pens in all shapes, sizes, and tip sizes.  Recently, I found one that I absolutely love.  (Is it wrong to love a writing instrument?  I hope not!).

Foray Pens - Gel Ink style

I love everything about these pens.  The body (shell? case?) is contoured and fits perfectly in my hand.  These are a .7 mm tip, which suits my writing style perfectly.  The pens pictured above are the gel ink version, however, I also love the roller ball version.  These pens are sold by Office Depot – Foray is their house brand.  Which reminds me – just to keep things honest here – I have not received any free pens or other compensation for this little product plug.  However, if anyone out there from Office Depot is reading, I would certainly not turn any free pens down! (Just kidding.  I think.)

And now for something completely different…

I never leave the house without at least a little make-up.  If nothing else, I always wear foundation, mascara, blush, and lipstick.  Because it is part of my every day routine, wearing make-up doesn’t really make me feel particularly girly.  So, when I want to feel a little more feminine, I turn to my jewelry.  When I add a fun necklace and earrings to an outfit it definitely makes me feel happy and pretty.

This photo does NOT do these justice!

This is my (current) favorite set.  Trust me when I say they look way better in real life.  This set is sold by Premier Designs – it is the Allegro necklace with the Classical pendant and the Classical earrings.  Six months ago, I had never even heard of Premier jewelry, now I am a big fan.  Their pieces seem to be of good quality and I love the fact that their earrings are not too heavy.  I really like the above necklace because it is so versatile.  I can wear it with a fancy dress (because I am simply always going to fancy dress parties!), or with a sweater and jeans.  I love the length too.  I have a sweater that has a neckline that is a little lower than I like.  It’s not immodest mind you, just a little lower than I am used to.  This necklace is just the right length to draw the eye-gaze back up a little!  I have a Premier jewelry lady that I love.  If you are interested in learning more about the company or the jewelry you can check them out on-line.  I think you can even search for a jeweler near you.


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