Posted by: waterwalkerla | January 22, 2010

Mini Fruit Tarts

Okay, last week I saw the recipe for these on a blog that I follow (Sugar, Spice and a Little Bit of Life – Thanks Jana!).  The post included a beautiful picture of these tarts, along with her Tomato Mozzarella Tartlets.    I tried both, but only had a chance to photograph the fruit tarts.  Because it’s Friday, and because I seem to have lots of time this morning, I decided to blog about it.

Like Jana, I used Pioneer Woman’s pie crust.  I have tried many, many pie crusts over the years, with varying levels of success.  The first time I tried this recipe, I found all my other pie crust recipes, tore them up into tiny pieces, and made it rain confetti in my kitchen.  (Seriously, I actually did this – but it’s okay, because the floor needed swept anyway, so why not.)  Anyway, it’s just that good.  But back to the fruit tarts…

I made these tarts while my kids were doing their school work.  At several times during the process, I was interrupted by, “you’re taking a picture of that,” or “mama, no one is going to want to see a picture of a bag of dough!”  Well, anyway, here are a few pics from my tart making morning.

Bag O' Pie Crust Dough


Pie crust dough rolled and cut into stars

Linden questioning her mama's sanity...oh yeah, there is a try of cut out pie crust stars in the background

Star crust cutouts cooling

Almost finished now, just waiting for the blueberries

The photo doesn't do them justice, they were delicious!

If you would like the pie crust recipe or the tart recipe and the links I posted don’t work (I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find I didn’t link them correctly!) please let me know.  The tarts were very easy to make and absolutely yummy!

Happy baking!



  1. Oh, they sound delicious! And they look so good!

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