Posted by: waterwalkerla | January 19, 2010

Home Economics update

On Saturday, our whole family took a “field trip” to the grocery store so the kids could finish their grocery price lists.  I toyed with the idea of taking them to more than one store so we could compare prices, but I decided against it because

A)  we really only shop at 1 store; and

B)  the Saints were playing at 4:15

So, with our master grocery lists and pencils in hand, the five of us set out for the store.  I also tossed my camera in my purse so I could get some good pictures of the kids on this expedition.  Of course, we were half way home before I realized that my camera never left my purse during the shopping trip – so you will just have to imagine what they looked like!

We really tried to take full advantage of all the learning opportunities on this shopping trip, which is admittedly a mundane task.  The children got a better understanding of the relative cost of certain items we purchase each week and other items which we rarely buy.  We also started talking about unit pricing since they had to find out the price of multiple sizes of various items.  My son, who was dreading “boring” trip the most, probably had the best time.  He even told us on the way home how much fun he had searching for prices!

With our lists complete, it is time to turn our attention to using that information.  We will be having a more detailed lesson on unit pricing, pricing out a few of the kids favorite lunch meals, and then (my favorite) learning about coupons and using the weekly sales ads to plan the weeks menus.

In other news, we made it home and had the groceries put away before game time!



  1. What an incredibly useful and fun lesson! There’s nothing like “real life” field trips!

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