Posted by: waterwalkerla | January 9, 2010

Looking for New Ways to Save Money

As a new home school family, we are still pretty clueless about local programs and services offered for home schoolers.  We are learning more about local tutors, field trips, and sports teams that cater to our area’s large home schooling population.

Recently, when I was at Barnes and Noble picking up a few things the sales attendant noticed one of my books and asked me if I home schooled.    When I told her that I did, she asked if I had an Educator Program Discount Card.  Surprisingly, I had never heard of this program.  We shop at Barnes and Noble a lot, and I am even a Barnes and Noble affiliate.  Basically, you sign up for the discount card and can receive 20% off anything you buy for your home school.  Of course, as with anything, there are some restrictions – you can’t use the discount for textbooks, coffee, video games, or a few other products or services.  Overall, however, my husband and I were excited about this new avenue for saving money.

I haven’t really had a chance to try this out, so it may end up being more trouble than it is worth.  I will just have to provide an update after I have used the program for a while.  In the meantime, I am providing a link to the program on my home page.  Remember, I am a Barnes and Noble affiliate, so I might be compensated if you check it out.



  1. What a wonderful gift you’re giving to your children in homeschooling them! You might look on Yahoo groups and see if there’s a group for people homeschooling in your area. There’s a very active Yahoo group for the homeschoolers in my area, where people share local events, general homeschooling ideas, plan park days, and advertise tutors. If your state has a state-wide homeschooling group, you might want to visit their website and see if you can locate a local homeschooling group.

    I’ve also found Yahoo groups to be a great resource for free homeschooling ideas. Just search the groups for the subject, age group, or other homeschooling topic of your choice!

    • Thank you for your suggestions! We are blessed to have a local area homeschool group that is quite active. We are just starting to get involved with that as well. I will definitely check out Yahoo groups – I am definitely always looking for more resources!

      Thanks again!

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