Posted by: waterwalkerla | January 4, 2010

Back to School

All good things must come to an end, as the old saying goes.  Christmas break 2009-2010 was definitely good around our house, but today we had to say good-bye to sleeping in and lazy days.

 Our big kids started back to school today in full force.  Reading books and articles about history and science, writing paragraphs and papers on foreign cultures and significant people, studying for quizzes and tests, and beginning research projects.  All this while continuing writing, reading, and service projects for camp scholarships. 

 Our youngest is (finally) interested in learning to read, so she is constantly asking anyone she can find to sit and read to her.  That is definitely not a complaint!  We are all excited that she is starting to get interested in reading.  She is still having trouble pronouncing a number of letters and blended sounds, so we are working with her on pronunciation and praying that this speech problem will be corrected soon.  However, we are not opposed to bringing in some help for her if she doesn’t outgrow it.

 New school project for this half of the school year include Algebra for Rebecca, Spanish for the whole family, and Home Economics for Rebecca, Timothy, and Linden.


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