Posted by: waterwalkerla | December 31, 2009

Closing Out 2009

Wow.  New Years Eve.  The end of 2009.  The end of the first decade of the 2000s.  So many changes this past year. 

My husband lost one job, left another (after 7 years), and stopped coaching basketball and baseball at our Christian school.  He picked up 2 new jobs, one of which is referee for high school volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball.  Not only has it filled the void left by no longer coaching high school sports, but it has proven to be something that he really enjoys.

We decided to home school the children this year.  As we sat around the table talking on Christmas Eve, everyone agreed that this was the right decision.  Well, almost everyone.  Our 4 year old still isn’t sold on the idea, but she is usually the contrary one! 

We became a one car family.  Who would have thought that going from two cars to one would cause more disruptions than the decision to home school our children.  However, after a few confusing weeks I am happy to say that we really don’t even miss that other vehicle.  And the savings in gas and insurance are a wonderful thing!

Of course, this year also had its share of the usual changes.  With our friends and families we shared engagements and weddings, celebrated the birth of babies and mourned the loss of loved ones.  There were tears and laughter and laughter through tears.  We all got a little older and hopefully a little wiser over the last 12 months.

This was a very exciting year for our family and I can’t wait to see what 2010 brings for us.  I pray that it brings happiness and safety for all our friends and family!


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